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"Just want to say a very heartfelt thank you to Robert and Jeremy and Tanya for bringing their amazing talent, personalities, kindness, and patience to kings dance center this past weekend! Our girls haven't stopped talking about all of you and beside the wonderful unbelievable choreography you taught more important was the message and inspiration you brought and I thank all three of you! Hope we meet again soon and my baby girl Simone can't wait to dance with you again! Thank you again and know how much joy and passion and dedication from you flows right into the hearts of young minds. Forever grateful!"

-Shann Rodriguez

"Thank you Artists In Training for such a great weekend! Kings Dance Center loves you!"

-Stacie Souza

"Awesome work in Kings Dance Center...unbelievable work with the students..this parent is very happy with your dedication and hard work!!"

-Ronnie Rodriquez

"Thanks for such an amazing experience !! Has a lot of fun and learned a lot ! :)"

-Rebekah Merry

"I have seen Artists In Training grow from the beginning, and it just keeps getting better! Robert and his faculty go above and beyond to make dancers feel empowered and motivated, plus the kids have a ton of fun. We bring AIT to our studio once a year, and the returning teachers always do a great job remembering students names and getting to know new faces in the classroom. The kids feel so special and that energy stays with them all year long. Thanks AIT for bringing so much creativity, love and passion into our studio each year!"

-Kathy King, teacher at MADPAC, Brighton, MI

"WOW!!! What can I say that I haven't before?!! AIT has been a staple every year at MADPAC since 2004 and it just gets better and better each year!!! I could not offer my dancers a more incredible experience than this in-house workshop! The teachers involved in AIT are some of the most inspiring and CARING souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They don't just bring AMAZING choreography and technical lessons to the kids - they bringlife changing lessons. This workshop is beyond just dance…it's about inspiring these children to follow THEIR dreams, be KIND in the world, it teaches them to BE PROUD of THEMSELVES and their INDIVIDUAL GIFTS; not to judge others or especially themselves in any harsh light…I could go on and on with the positivity that runs rampant each class! My students walk away from this weekend every single year being not just stronger dancers - because the growth they obtain in just one weekend is unbelievable! - But they become stronger human beings that have more confidence in themselves, more awareness and respect for each other as well as their teachers and parents because the POSITIVE messages that are instilled in just two short days will be something they carry with them FOREVER!!! The choreographers are very successful with their careers, yet do not treat our most beginner level dancers with any less importance than our most advance dancers! They are always very aware of what is choreographically and musically appropriate for each age level and take great care in making those choices. As a studio owner and teacher I most defiintely appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness for my students!! I cannot recommend a better workshop than AIT for your studio!!! We absolutely LOVE Artists in Training and will continue to have them back each and every year!"

-Michelle Marzejon