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Stephani Kammer

Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk

Stephani Kammer Choreography Reel

About Stephani

Stephani Kammer resides in New Orleans as a professional instructor and choreographer. After earning her Bachelor of Performing Arts degree from Oklahoma City University Stephani began her professional career in New York appearing in regional theaters, industrials, and prime time television. Upon relocating to Los Angeles Stephani performed alongside many famous recording artists such as Gwen Stefani and Jay Z, but most notably Janet Jackson. She has appeared in several videos and TV performances with Ms. Jackson and served as Assistant Creative Director to Gil Duldulao on Janet’s Rock Witch U world tour. Stephani has been an Associate Choreographer for the Miss USA & Universe pageants for the last five years including the most recent 2012 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas. Stephani is very active in the professional dance industry and had the honor of performing in the Michael Jackson tribute on the MTV Video Music Awards after his passing. In recent years she has been inducted into The Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executive & Professional Women for her many years of hard work and dedication to the arts. Stephani has taught internationally in Tokyo, Japan at Broadway Dance Center and traveled to over 65 countries educating and inspiring dancers all over the globe.